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Breakfast At The Iron Rooster

Breakfast at the Iron Rooster

On any Saturday or Sunday morning, most local restaurants are busy serving brunch. And if I’m completely honest, brunch is my favorite meal of the week. And, brunch while on vacation with a mimosa or bloody Mary; well it just doesn’t get better than that.

For me, one of my favorite spots to eat right on the waterfront is the Iron Rooster. Considering they are surrounded by great restaurants and there is usually a line out the door, you know this place is great. My first experience at the Iron Rooster was several years ago when I needed to grab a late-night bite to eat and I was with my good friend Joe V. Joe is a big-time restaurateur from Philadelphia and he can be hard to eat with as he is a little critical of all aspects of a restaurants operation and food (OK a lot picky). But, since it was late, and we were hungry, and the rooster was close, we gave it a try. Boy was that a good decision. All I remember from that meal was the desert. They have home made Pop Tarts on the menu and they were as good as advertised. The next time I eat there I’ll order the pop tarts and write an entire blog about them. But this blog is about brunch so let’s get back to brunch.

Since that night I’ve always tried to grab a meal at The Iron Rooster when visiting Annapolis and this most recent trip is no different. We stopped in and put our names on the wait list. 35 minutes they said and so off we went for a quick walk around the City Dock. I can always kill a few minutes looking at boats on the water. Exactly 30 minutes later we returned to the host stand and were shown to our seats. I love it when a host can give an accurate time estimate. That’s skill.

Being hungry and thirsty we ordered quickly. I had the corn beef hash and my partner had the steak salad. Both did not disappoint but since it’s hard to mess up a steak salad I’ll focus on my corn beef hash.

The corn beef was chopped quite small, but the texture and saltiness came through. Under that fried egg was the beef on a mound of potatoes. And just to keep my doctor happy, the meal comes with a side of fruit. Pared with some strong black coffee and I was happy as can be.

The food, the bar, the tables on the sidewalk make the Iron Rooster a regular stop for me when I visit Annapolis. If you’ve eaten there and have an opinion, please comment below.



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